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How Merlot Can You Go Stack

6MM garnet, 8MM faceted garnet and 8MM chocolate hematite comprise this Merlot-inspired stack. Made with natural stones on stretchy cord, sterling silver balls and sterling dipped RBJ tags.

Garnet helps us feel grounded and connected to the present moment. It is said to balance the mind and emotions by helping discard outdated ways of thinking. Garnet can aid in going beyond shallow societal a world of passing trends and fads this energetic stone can help enhance your passion.

Hematite is known to facilitate physical and mental healing and can turn negative energy into positive! As well it is great for calming and soothing stress and worries. It is said to stimulate the mind while protecting and grounding the wearer.

As these pieces are made from natural elements from the earth, each and every piece is unique and may contain slight irregularities in size, shape and color.

Stretchy, easy to wear and perfect for stacking!

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