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Breathe (Bracelet, Gold)

These inspirational bracelets are the perfect gift!

Inspired message:  << breathe >>

Item description: The chain is 7" long, plated with 14K gold and has a 14K gold plated disc. (Chain can extend to 7.75", pendant is 5/8").

The original inspired piece is the badass necklace. This piece was inspired by a friend (Maija) who was getting ready to depart on a month long journey hiking the Appalachian trail (with her two dogs nonetheless!). I was awestruck and inspired when she told me about her decision to tackle this goal. I made her the piece to serve as a reminder of the badass that she was going to need to be out on that trail EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Here she is on the trail wearing her daily reminder!

She had a blast hiking the trail and the trail name that she was given ended up being Two Dogs! It took a lot to do what she did and SHE is an inspiration!

Like Maija, sometimes we need a constant reminder not only to BE inspired, but to STAY inspired. These daily wearable pieces sit close to your heart and function as a personal mantra & a reflection of your inner dialogue.

They also serve as a message to the world of what you want & what you will tolerate in life. Additionally, the messages in this collection are a testament to the adversity that we face as women. They convey our feminine strength – both inner & outer – and are especially necessary on days when we feel most defeated. Remember to FIRST be your own BFF. Quell your inner worst critic.

Gently embrace, with steely conviction, your mantra & let your positive, kick ass light shine! And don’t forget – it takes a badass to know a badass!



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